About Danielle Holmes

By Danielle Holmes

Behind the Designer

Danielle Holmes is a young jewelry designer/entrepreneur from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She grew up in a house full of culture which was passed on to her by her mother. Danielle was the youngest of 4 girls, although her sisters were great at drawing and coloring, Danielle's joy for art came in a different form, building and creating. Through stories and documentaries she watched growing up she then developed her fascination with culture, particularly with South Africa to the Virgin Island. She discovered some of the most wonderful and magical handcrafts were created under minimal resources and circumstances. Under the influence of these fascinations, in February 2015 she wanted to create that same magic - to get the maximum out of minimum by changing material to a decorative element that passes on feeling and emotion.

June 2015 Bijoux (which means Jewelry in French- a language commonly used throughout Africa) by Danielle Holmes was born. The jewelry she creates begin their life with inspirations around her- including nature, the seasons, the stars, energy etc. basically everything that ignites the imagination and the hand. She creates jewelry from precious metals, beads, and other unique materials.  She combines between two-dimensional abstract to perceptible three dimensions, as a line that connects between the imagination to reality.