14K and Gold Filled

What is 14K gold?

This is a collection of all items we carry that can be made in 14k Solid Gold or Gold Filled.

14K gold is 58.3% gold and is recommended for jewelry. 14K gold is the most popular form of gold because it wears well, is resistant to scratches, and is more durable than the higher karat values.  This is because pure gold is a soft metal, so the greater the gold content, the less durable the piece is.  The beautiful gold color makes 14K gold a desirable color for jewelry.


What does gold-filled mean?

Gold-filled items are those which have had a layer of 10k (or higher) gold bonded mechanically to a base metal. The layer of gold must make up a minimum of 1/20th of the total weight of the piece. Such items are marked as being “gold-filled,” along with the karat fineness of the gold used for filling, such as 10k, 14K, etc. We use 10k. 

How to care for gold-plated items?

We believe in options, we understand that not everyone has the means or cares to own expensive jewelry pieces. If this is you, its important to know that opting for a gold-plated version of an item instead of 14k or gold-filled does not mean that it is destined to wear down. With proper care, gold-plating can last a long time and can be a cost-effective alternative to 14k or gold-filled products. It is important to wash gold-plated items with nothing stronger than warm soapy water. Chemicals in cleaning products and jewelry cleansers can break down gold plating. Do not expose gold-plated items to lotion, cosmetics, perfume, or prolonged moisture, and do not buff, as these contribute to the breakdown of the plating and tarnishing of the item.

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